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Extraordinary ideas,
in an ordinary world

We develop innovative and challenging ideas, from concept to promotion, using a complete team and taking advantage of the latest technologies and innovations in motion graphics, augmented reality, 3D design and WEB 4.0


Why Neolithic?

The Neolithic (R)Evolution allowed us to emerge from the darkness of the stone age and move towards a better future. Just as the evolution of the web is allowing us to break through the limitations of communication and knowledge, opening up new opportunities and creating a more connected world.


We have chosen to do what we truly love

We believe that by staying true to our passions and using cutting-edge technologies, we can create something truly remarkable and make a real difference. We push boundaries, not just to break them, but to create new ones.


Our goal is to inspire and be inspired, to ignite the fire within us and those around us. We strive to be the driving force behind change, empowering others to take risks and pursue their dreams. Together, we can achieve the impossible and make something truly beautiful.


Join us on this journey ♡

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